Computer Labs

TIDE lab includes three adjoining computer labs. Each lab contains 12-16 workstations. Each workstation is visually isolated to ensure privacy for decision makers. Each computer lab has an 82” display screen at the front to provide common information. The three labs can be combined for larger studies.

Shopper Insights Lab

TIDE Lab’s shopper insights lab is a mock store with shelves full of consumer packaged goods. The shopper insights lab provides a means to study how shoppers engage with retail space. It also provides a means to simulate clerk and employee interactions with displays and products such as restocking.

Virtual Reality Lab

TIDE Lab uses an HTC Vive Pro to create immersive experiences that are not easily duplicated in real life. This capacity affords researchers with the ability to conduct a wide array of studies in business and economics.

Break-Out Rooms

These small group rooms are used in a variety of ways from team decision making to face-to-face negotiations, to food tasting, to dressing rooms.

TIDE Lab also includes a small kitchen, a conference room, a collaborative space for researchers, and offices for lab staff.

TIDE Lab provides a variety of props for researchers including a variety of goods to stock the shopper insights lab, large bingo cages for randomization, and several iPads for use in data collection in and out of the lab.